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Accounting and Audit Services

Cain, Bourret, Jarry & Associates LLC specialize in a wide offering of assurance type services to its clients.   We will work with you in determining which services best suit your needs and assist you in gaining the most from your assets.   We attempt to exceed your expectations by delivering value and sincere personal attention.   Our firm is large enough to meet your needs but give you the flavor of a smaller firm.

  • Audit Services:  Through an in-depth analysis and internal control study of your company,   followed by an audit of the company’s financial statements we will issue our report that states your financial statements are fairly presented and in conformity with  GAAP.

  • Review Services:  In a review we perform analytical procedures and develop  expectations that assist us in determining whether your financial statements are consistent from year to year and possibly discover unexpected variances that will assist you in evaluating your operating effectiveness and profitability.

  • Compilation Services:   We will compile your company’s financial statements on an as needed basis, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

  • Other Assurance Services:  We may provide agreed upon procedures for grantors; contractor compliance for bonding purposes; internal control studies; or litigation support.  These services will result in a written report suitable for your needs and in compliance with industry guidelines and regulations.

Industries Serviced:
Manufacturers, Property Management Companies, Condominium Associations, Charter Schools, HUD Properties, Non-Profits, Alumni Associations, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facilities, Real Estate Agencies, Construction Companies, Day Spas, Restaurants, Attorneys, Doctors and Dentists.

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